Videos about my Summer Trip to Asia

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This summer I spent around 2 months traveling and studying in Hong Kong (I took Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese summer courses at the University of Hong Kong), a week of traveling in Taiwan, and another week of traveling in Singapore. To document my experiences I have produced a few videos about my trips to those places and put them onto my YouTube channel, where I show the places, food and performances in different parts of Asia.

The videos include:

  • Taiwan Trip 2016, which is a kind-of vlog of my week trip to Taiwan showing different places, attractions and food
  • 53 Things to do in Hong Kong, where I describe many interesting places I visited while I was in HK, some of them less known
  • Live Music in Taiwan, which is a collection of street music performances I recorded mostly on the streets of Taipei

I took all the footage using the Sony RX100 mkIII camera and processed it using Final Cut Pro X software. I spent around a full week processing each the Taiwan and Hong Kong videos but hopefully the results will be worth it. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

PS: video about Singapore should be coming soon — stay tuned!

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